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The Ultimate Summer Supplements Guide

summer supplement guide

Is your body ready for summer? Whether you want that summer six pack or a little help beating the heat, we’ve put together a summer supplement guide that will have your whole body beach-ready in no time. Start Here: What do you want to do?  I want to gain muscle or I want to beat the heat. SUMMER SIX PACK ABS & ...

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10 Natural Ways To Help You Sleep Better

Ways to sleep better, naturally

Time for me to follow my own advice – After four years of medical school and nine years of residency and fellowship, like many others in the medical field, military and other non-traditional work hour jobs, I know firsthand about sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, for millions of Americans, sleep deprivation and insomnia becomes a way of life that we unwittingly accept, ...

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Why Do I Get Sick All The Time? (And What To Do About It)

8 habits hurting your immune system

Do you ever wonder why some people tend to get sick all of the time while others don’t? It’s likely you’ll find yourself somewhere in the middle of those extremes. While the prevalence of germs varies, bacteria and viruses are all around us all the time. That’s why it’s important to learn what makes us susceptible to sickness and what ...

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Are Meal Replacement Shakes Healthy?

meal replacement shakes

Are meal replacement shakes healthy? First, let’s not get meal replacement shakes confused with protein shakes. Protein shakes are primarily protein based whereas meal replacement shakes have proportioned amounts of protein, carbs, fats and fiber. Now that we’ve established the difference between the two, let’s talk about meal replacement shake benefits: MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE BENEFITS Meal replacement shakes provide more ...

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5 Ways To Help Dry Eyes (We Like #5!)


What Causes Dry Eyes? Dry eyes are caused by a lack of lubrication on the surface of the eye. Many different factors such as age, gender, environment and even certain medications and conditions can contribute to its development. Here’s what you need to know: Age: Dry eyes can be a normal part of the aging process and typically affect people ...

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6 Endurance Supplements for Athletes We Like Right Now

endurance athlete

Most endurance athletes are deficient in critical nutrients because of daily stress and their vigorous training program. If you train hard, you may want to consider adding supplements to your daily routine for additional support. Certain combinations of nutrients can even help maintain or increase your endurance levels. Here’s an example of how endurance levels can affect your game, even if ...

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