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Hi-Health Affiliate Program | Join Free

Hi-Health Affiliate Program

GET PAID TO PROMOTE THE PRODUCTS YOU LOVE Calling all content sites, fitness fanatics and bloggers! If you share a passion for healthy living like we do, we want you! Join the Hi-Health Affiliate program and you can make money advertising our nutritional products on your site. HOW IT WORKS ADVERTISE EARN  EASY TO JOIN Choose from thousands of products to ... Read More »

4 Common Mistakes When Reading a Nutrition Label

How to Read a Nutrition Label

It’s a new year which means many people are starting to work on resolutions. From some, that may mean healthy diet changes and heading back to the gym. If you’re one of those people looking to eat healthier this year, knowing how to read a nutrition label can help. It may seem straight forward, but really understanding the content of ... Read More »

Do Detox Cleanses Really Work? Are They Healthy?

Do Detox Cleanses Really Work?

These days, you can’t surf the web without ads popping up for the latest detox, cleanse or colon cleanse. Perhaps your interest is peaked and you can’t help but wonder if you really need to detox. Similar questions soon follow – if you do need to detox, what are you trying to get rid of exactly? Let’s get those questions ... Read More »

How Protein and Fiber Can Help You Lose Weight

How Protein & Fiber Can Help You Lose Weight

The Benefits of a High Protein Diet Protein is the main building block of muscle which is why we need a certain amount of protein a day. People who are more physically active that participate in weight lifting, running and cardio need even more protein than others. However, beyond that, a high protein diet helps you: Feel full Stabilize blood ... Read More »

5 Easy Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings

5 Easy Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings

Many people have sugar cravings; I even have them from time to time. Many of my clients complain of cravings for sweets after dinner or throughout the day. What Causes Sugar Cravings? The cause of sugar cravings can vary widely, but chief among them are hormonal imbalances of insulin and serotonin, unhealthy dieting, adrenal fatigue, eating disorders, and even PMS. ... Read More »