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4 Ways to Get More Plant Protein in Your Diet

Plant Protein Diet

Brown rice » While 1 cup of plain, cooked brown rice contains just 5 grams protein, brown rice protein powders (often made from sprouted brown rice for increased bioavailability, digestibility, and antioxidants) ofer up to 12 grams in 2 tablespoons. Get more: Mix the powder into smoothies; Simmer cooked brown rice with maple syrup, ground cardamom, and coconut milk for …

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Here’s Exactly How to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

How to avoid allergies

As we head into spring, heed these tips to avoid being hit by seasonal allergies. If you’re one of the nearly one in three American adults who suffers from hay fever, you know the symptoms all too well: itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezes (lots of sneezes). Over-the-counter and prescription medications can bring relief, but also cause unwanted side effects, such as sleepiness and anxiety. This …

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What are Supplements? Your Complete Guide

What are supplements? Your Complete Guide

Click one of the questions below to read the answer. What is a dietary supplement?  What is the suggested dose for certain vitamins? What is the suggested dose for certain minerals? How long do supplement stay in my system? Is it okay to take supplements one day but not the next?  How much should I be getting? What is a …

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Boost Energy Naturally with 4 Lesser Known Ingredients

4 Ingredients to Boost Energy Naturally

These lesser-known ingredients from around the world boost your energy so you can get your mid-day pick-me-up!

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3 Natural Supplements to Help Control Cravings

Natural Supplements That Help Control Cravings

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Health Screening Tests for Women (By Age!)

Health Screening Tests for Women by Age

Age 20 Test: Blood Pressure Frequency: Every two years, if blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg or below; more frequently if either number is higher To Keep Tabs On: Heart Health Age 20s + 30s Test: Clinical breast exam by a physician Frequency: Every three years To Keep Tabs On: Breast Cancer Age 30-65 Test: Pap Test Frequency: Every five years To Keep Tabs On: Cervical Cancer Age 40 Test: Mammogram Frequency: Every year To Keep Tabs …

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