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10 essential oil blends for a better mood

With a diffuser and some of the best pure essential oils, the recipe for a better mood is a lot closer than you think. Choosing the right blend of calming essential oils, such as chamomile or lavender can lead to a better night’s sleep. Or, opting for energizing mint or citrus oils provides a powerful energy boost without the jittery …

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5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating


The holidays can be a tricky time to navigate optimal nutrition. But you don’t have to erase your social calendar or resign yourself to eating only celery sticks to enjoy the season. “While you don’t want to completely sabotage your good eating habits, munching on raw vegetables isn’t exactly most people’s idea of a fun holiday party,” says Rachel Begun, …

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Ready to Meditate? Here’s how to start


         by Karen ASP Two minutes day can help you relax   We know you’ve thought about meditating, but how do you fit it in your busy day? Plus, it’s hard to sit still and get your mind to be quiet. Join the club. Everybody’s mind chatters, and who really has hours to devote to meditation? Fortunately, …

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Which Sunscreen Is Best For You?


What’s your best choice in a sunscreen? We’ve got you covered. Learn the differences between chemical and mineral sun protection and what to look for in sun care products Jessica Rubino   It’s a fact, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States. What does that mean for you and your family? It’s essential to choose and …

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Electrolytes And Hydration: How To Replenish Electrolytes


Electrolyte minerals are your body’s electricity. Here’s how to harness their power for top health – Jack Chalet Did you know your body is electric? It’s true. Your body teems with electricity, albeit at a very low level. Calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are your primary electrolytes, meaning that each carries an electrical charge that influences how they work and …

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Safe Ways To Improve Athletic Performance


These nutritional supplements will help promote strength and endurance without acting as stimulants – Jack Chalet In the media firestorm around athletes using illegal substances to gain a competitive (if illegal) edge, natural and safe performance enhancers have gotten a bad rap. But bodybuilders and other serious athletes have often been the vanguard of using and promoting healthy nutrients for …

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