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Proper way to cough and sneeze

woman-sneezeHere are a few simple tricks to help keep you and your family well while going back to school!

Proper technique while sneezing and coughing will make a huge different in the spreading of germs to others.  When you sneeze or cough…do it into your elbow instead of your hand.  Why?  Because it’s not the sneeze that spreads the germs, it’s the hands that touch the doorknobs and our family members that spreads them.  Just that simple trick will help your family from spreading the sickness through the whole house.

This is a nutrition blog, so why am I talking about sickness? Well, just think about it.  If you get sick, what you eat usually changes, doesn’t it? Foods just don’t taste the same because your nose is stuffed up or you just want to eat chicken soup to soothe your throat.

Another trick or recipe for health is proper hand washing.  It may sound like it’s a no brainer because we learned to wash our hands when we were little children.  But, do we really know the proper hand washing technique?

  1. Wet hands with warm/hot water.
  2. Soap hands and rub vigorously on all sides for 20 seconds (this is the hardest part)!  Do you know just how long 20 seconds really is when washing your hands?  A good measure is to sing the birthday song all the way through twice.  That should give you an idea of the timing.
  3. Rinse hands with warm water.
  4. Dry with a clean towel (as much as I love to reuse towels in the bathroom until they are almost crusty J , this is not the time to do that).  Use paper towels in the communal bathroom in the house, especially during “back-to-school” time.  If not paper towels, make sure you change out the towel every couple of days to prevent bacteria from growing that can spread sickness.

Happy back-to-school days and cheers to keeping well in the process!

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