Quality Means Everything


The purity of every ingredient is thoroughly examined to ensure it's clear of impurities, contaminants and fillers.

Raw Ingredients

We source our raw ingredients from only the highest rated, purest, certified sources. We determine the authenticity of each ingredient with a team of experts to ensure we're getting exactly what we want.


We want to measure up to the highest standards of the industry so we measure again and again. Each ingredient in every product formula is measured exactly to ensure maximum health benefits.


Finally, from manufacturing, transportation, storage, and distribution, our products are kept and maintained in a carefully controlled environment to ensure they maintain the exact quality standards as the day they were born.


The potency and strength of each ingredient goes through rigorous testing to ensure you're getting exactly what's printed on the label. 400 IUs of Vitamin E is 400 IUs of Vitamin E — no ifs, ands or buts.


We're proud to offer highly trained, knowledgeable, and educated staff to help you find the right products for your health goals.

With hundreds of Hi-Health® brand products, our focus from day one has been about you. Your health takes priority in life and is the focus of ours. That's why for over 40 years, we've committed to bringing you exceptional Hi-Health® Brands.

Some may say we're obsessed - that every step of our process is scrutinized with the highest quality standards in mind. Every hand-picked ingredient is thoroughly inspected by a team of experts to ensure the safety, purity, potency and quality of our products at every level. Then, we do it again, just to be sure. Yep, we're obsessed-but, we'll take that as a compliment. It means we're doing our job to ensure only superior products are available to you. There's nothing wrong with being extra mindful, especially when it comes to your health.

Every Hi-Health® brand product has a team of experts standing behind it.


Our Products Are Excellent Test Takers

  • Our products meet or exceed the standards set forth by FDA's Code of Federal Regulation (21 CFR, 111) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • We work with State-of-the-art GMP Certified Manufacturers.
  • We require Certificates of Analysis (COA) for the identity, potency, purity, and quality of all ingredients.
  • We require Potency Tests on finished products.
  • We perform Analytical and Micro lab testing such as HPLC, UV, FTIR, GC, ICP, Microwave Digestion, Kjeldahi, microbe, yeast and mold testing to ensure the highest quality product for your healthy lifestyle.
Product Tester

Good Manufacturing Practices, enforced by the Food & Drug Administration, are a set of requirements and expectations by which dietary supplements must be manufactured, prepared, and stored to ensure quality. Manufacturers are expected to guarantee the identity, purity, strength, and composition of their dietary supplements.

GMP Batch


Packaging Features:

    The lids of our products flip open easily to dispense servings without hassle.
    The actual pill size is illustrated on the packaging of our products so you can easily determine if it will work for you prior to your purchase.
    Our product descriptions are clearly written so you can easily understand the contents of each product and its intended benefits.
    Allergens and any precautionary information are clearly stated on each package to ensure your safety.
    Going gluten-free? We've got you covered. Our gluten-free products are clearly labeled to help make your shopping experience easier.
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Packaging Features
Packaging Features