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Growing Interest in The Gluten-Free Diet

Eating Gluten Free

So what is the sudden interest in Gluten-free foods all about? Shelves and displays full of Gluten-free products have been popping up in supermarkets everywhere. To begin with, what is Celiac Disease, and what is gluten?  Gluten sensitivity (or actual Celiac Disease) is a condition that affects people who eat gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, and rice).  Their …

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Understanding Your Weight Loss Supplement Options

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in the United States. According to recent studies, the U.S. is the second fattest country in the world with 36% meeting the current definition of a BMI greater than 30. Obesity increases ones risk of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Although for many, diet and exercise should be enough to maintain a healthy BMI, poor …

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