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What are Supplements? Your Complete Guide

Click one of the questions below to read the answer. What is a dietary supplement?  What is the suggested dose for certain vitamins? What is the suggested dose for certain minerals? How long do supplement stay in my system? Is it okay to take supplements one day but not the next?  How much should I be getting? What is a …

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The Best Hi-Health Products of 2015

Best Probiotics Best Omegas Best Aromatherapy       Chime Probiotics Alaskan Fish Oil Tibet Mountain Essential Oils Chime Probiotics replenish your body with high-potency good bacteria. Each live culture count is guaranteed. Also includes prebiotic: Inulin. Premium Alaskan Fish Oil is filtered with an advanced purification process. This process makes it one of the cleanest, fresh-tasting Fish Oils available. Tibet …

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Top Healthy Spices to Flavor Your Holiday Meals

While these antioxidant-packed spices bring delicious depth and sensory nostalgia to holiday dishes, they also offer significant health-promoting compounds. The smells and flavors of spices during the holiday season can awaken our nostalgic senses. But powerhouses, such as cinnamon and cayenne, also offer significant health-promoting compounds. “Spices are a great way of bumping up flavor in dishes, while reducing the …

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Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

While it is true that testosterone is highest in adolescent males and decreases as men age, recent data demonstrates that the decline in testosterone level in men is occurring at an earlier age. When one looks at some of the causes associated with low testosterone levels in men it is not surprising that this trend is present. Fortunately, the same …

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Garden of Life® and Vitamin Code® RAW ONE™ for Women and RAW ONE™ for Men

– SPONSORED ARTICLE FROM GARDEN OF LIFE – Today’s blog is from Garden of Life® and Vitamin Code® RAW ONE™ for Women and RAW ONE™ for Men. As you probably know, Garden of Life® is all about empowering extraordinary health. In fact, that’s our mission—always has been and always will be. Since we care about your health, that’s why we …

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