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Can You Still Gain Muscle on a Gluten Free Diet?

woman flexing muscle

Building solid muscle takes time, consistency, proper training and a healthy diet. Eating a balanced meal plan made up of lean protein, complex carbs and fats will assist in building that lean muscle…but, what if you decide to go “gluten free”? Does that mean you will have a harder time building muscle? What does it mean to go gluten free? …

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6 Common Nutrient Deficiencies on a Gluten Free Diet

nutrient deficiencies

What is Gluten and How Does It Affect the Body? Gluten sensitivity (or actual Celiac Disease) is a condition that affects people who eat gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, and rice). Their bodies mount an immune response to Gliadin (a protein in Gluten) which affects the lining of their small intestine. Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease …

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Wheat Free vs. Gluten Free – What is the Difference?

wheat free vs gluten free what is the difference

There are many who advocate not only a Gluten free diet, but a wheat or grain free diet. The theory here is that even non-gluten containing grains like oats and corn contain gut irritants such as lectins and mineral binding phytates such as wheat germ agglutins. While gluten-free, barley and rye are not wheat free.  In reality about 1-2% of …

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8 Places Where Gluten Can Hide That Will Surprise You

Some salad dressing contains gluten

Gluten can hide in unsuspecting products. Be sure to check for a gluten-free label and even consult the list of ingredients. Also, always remember cross contamination can occur at places where food is prepared—and if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times—wheat free does not always mean gluten-free. Here are some common culprits containing gluten that may …

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The Gluten Free Athlete: Meals to Gain Muscle

For athletes, fitness buffs, and bodybuilders trying to gain muscle on a wheat free and gluten free diet, this can be a bit challenging.  But fear not—with proper education and creativity, being a gluten-free athlete is certainly feasible. In general, gluten-free diets typically contain a higher percentage of calories from fat and less from carbohydrates, which helps. Gluten-Free Food Choices …

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What It Means to Go Gluten Free: An Infographic

Reasons to consider giving up gluten

1 in 7 Americans has a sensitivity to gluten. That means when someone with compromised gut health consumes gluten, it does not properly break down. Furthermore, if undigested proteins enter the bloodstream, an abnormal immune response can be triggered, resulting in a myriad of potential health issues. Learn how gluten affects the body in more detail and discover what it means …

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Growing Interest in The Gluten-Free Diet

Eating Gluten Free

So what is the sudden interest in Gluten-free foods all about? Shelves and displays full of Gluten-free products have been popping up in supermarkets everywhere. To begin with, what is Celiac Disease, and what is gluten?  Gluten sensitivity (or actual Celiac Disease) is a condition that affects people who eat gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, and rice).  Their …

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