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In Memory of Cindy

Today and going forth, I will ride to celebrate the memory of my precious friend, Cindy McLean, who lost her battle with cancer on earth but gained eternity in heaven.  She was the perfect example of one who lived a life of service, quietly showing compassion, love, patience and generosity to her beautiful family and to those of us who …

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Once again, training had to take a back seat to a family emergency.  Just after a two-hour training ride last week, my son called to say that he had hurt himself skiing.  He thought he had just hurt his tailbone but the x-ray in Urgent Care showed a fracture of his L5.  After numerous injections of pain and anti-inflammatory meds …

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Training and Protein

Protein Powder for Summer Muscles

I always have the best of intentions when it comes to training…to stick with my exercise training program, eat right and get plenty of sleep. Weather has been a factor this week as spring in the Rockies is unpredictable.  Spin classes are consistent and great for intervals and hard workouts.  I did get in a two-hour outdoor ride yesterday to …

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On the road again

This is the first entry in my new blog, “Moms Are Fit”.  I’m excited to share my life and all the things that I am passionate about.  This year I am once again training for the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.  It is a 50 mile race from 6,520 feet in elevation from our town of Durango, Colorado which is nestled …

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