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Stay Calm – Supplements & foods that help you combat stress

by JACK CHALLEM In today’s connected world it seems almost impossible to chill out. Smartphones keep us tuned into work and the world 24/7, which often means anxiety and stress are also present 24/7. “Stress generates anxiety, and anxiety keeps our minds in motion,” says Mark Stengler, NMD, of Encinitas, California. “Luckily, we can choose from several natural substances to …

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Feeling Dizzy or Fatigued? Try these recipes to get hydrated

  by RADHA MARCUM Feeling dizzy or fatigued? You may be dehydrated. Feeling parched? Don’t ignore it. Thirst is the first sign that you’re already dehydrated. We’ve all heard we should aim to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. But when water becomes a bore let these sippers come to the rescue.   Sparkling apple cider also works well. If you prefer …

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