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Slow Juicing Recipes: Green Juice + Carrot Juice

I have been on a documentary frenzy as of late. Darn that Netflix. It got me. It got me good. With all those recommendations, how can I say no? It knows me better than my boyfriend. On this mission of mine to improve life, I prefer the visual aid. The pretty pictures, the smiling people, the thumbs up from those already …

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Hip Fat and Hormones

Losing fat from your hips, thighs and glute areas can be equally as tough for some women as it can be for others losing fat from their belly. It ultimately comes down to your hormonal profile and, if you have excessive levels of certain hormones in your body, it causes fat storage in specific areas. The storage of fat on …

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Water In The Winter

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Recently, I found myself feeling dehydrated yet I was not feeling particularly thirsty. I am still drinking water and it is winter so I should not need as much, right? Well actually, that is not correct. Despite the cooler temperatures, the air remains very dry. Forced furnace air for heating dries out the environment further. We still exercise and we still …

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Holiday Recipes: Cornflake Wreaths + Natural Food Coloring

As I type this, I’m rockin’ out to Christmas music and laughing at my green-colored fingers clicking away on the keyboard. So, before I go any further, BE VERY CAREFUL when making this treat; it is very addicting and very, very green. Thankfully, that color happens to be “in” this time of year. And each year, while most worry about …

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Let’s Be Honest: Vitamins and Supplements Are Good For Us

Know your source and understand the data: A response to recent report against the need for vitamins and supplements. I was a bit surprised to open the CNN website on the Internet and see the following headline “Are multivitamins a waste of money? Editorial in medical journal says yes”. The Journal referred to is the Annals of Internal Medicine, so …

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Three Reasons Why Athletes Need Probiotics

Athletes have some of the highest nutrient needs of anyone, and these needs are best met when digestion is improved. Common complaints among athletes during and after training are bloating, nausea, gas pains, and hypersensitivity to foods. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that live in your gut and in fermented, raw living foods. Healthy bacteria are crucial to optimal gut …

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