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Monster Mass Creamsicle Protein Shake Recipes

When I was around five or six years old, I had my first Creamsicle. The sticky orange coating ran down my arms as I battled the sun for each savory bite. I couldn’t eat it fast enough. It was one of the best flavors I’ve ever had, yet the chill of the creamy vanilla center kept me from gobbling it up as quickly as I wanted to.

To this day, whenever I see Creamsicle-flavored anything, I have to give it a try. It reminds me of both childhood and summer and provides me a moment of absolute bliss. So naturally, I’ve been stuffing my face with it this week as grown-up life demands try to fight for my attention. Not today, Adulthood. Get in line behind the ice cream headache.

Orange Creamsicle Monster Mass Protein Shake Recipes

Creamsicle Protein Shake
Serves 1
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  1. 2 scoops Vanilla Protein Powder
  2. 1/2 cup of Light Almond Milk
  3. 4 ounces of Orange Juice
  4. 1/2 Banana
  5. 1 tsp Honey
  6. 1 tsp Coconut Oil (optional)
  7. 1 scoop of Almond Milk Vanilla Ice Cream
  1. In a blender, mix ingredients together until smooth.
  1. Monster Mass Protein tastes great in this shake.
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While I was garnishing my drink with an orange slice (of course, I went the extra mile), one of the orange wedges fell into a heap of protein powder. From this happy little accident came treat number two:

Orange Slices

Vanilla Protein Orange Wedges
Sprinkle an orange slice with Monster Mass, Vanilla powder and enjoy. Think of it as a the quickest Dreamsicle fix ever. Amazing.

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