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Seasonal Support & Immune Health

Fight Aging and Boost the Immune System

Probiotics help digestion

Reclaim Your Youthful Glow and Rev Up Your Immune System at the Same Time! Certain foods seem to be associated with both skin damage and poor immunity. Reducing or eliminating the following refined or highly processed foods helps to promote overall good health: Corn Syrup White Flour White Rice Soda Candy Cookies These are examples of simple sugars coming from …

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Traveling Healthy: Avoiding that Airplane Cold

Delays, uncomfortable seats, over-priced mediocre food, unfriendly airport workers and passengers seem to be an inherent part of travel. However, to add insult to injury is to arrive at your destination and have come down with a cold or other virus. Is getting sick when we travel inevitable or are there things we can do to minimize this risk? First, …

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