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Finding Nori: Have you heard of these nutritious tidal treats?

These unassuming sea vegetables pack a punch in nutrients and minerals. – JENNA BLUMENFELD There’s something magical about briny, tangy sea vegetables. Technically algae, these rootless marine greens are packed with nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, and the B’s, and important minerals including iodine, essential for thyroid support. Plus, seaweed doesn’t require added chemicals, fertilizers or fresh water to …

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What are Supplements? Your Complete Guide

Click one of the questions below to read the answer. What is a dietary supplement?  What is the suggested dose for certain vitamins? What is the suggested dose for certain minerals? How long do supplement stay in my system? Is it okay to take supplements one day but not the next?  How much should I be getting? What is a …

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Stressed? These 5 Adaptogenic Herbs Can Ease Stress

Unless you’re a hermit or unusually enlightened, you (along with everyone else) deal with a multitude of daily pressures at work, at home, and on the road. You might even be addicted to stress, feeling that you must respond to every ping from emails and texts instead of disconnecting for downtime and a good night’s sleep. A mindfulness practice (meditation …

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Tips for Winter Wellness

SPONSORED CONTENT If you’re staying well during the winter season you’re likely eating nutritious food, getting plentiful sleep and exercising. You know, all the things that help keep us healthy all year. And yet, no matter what we do there are going to be times when we need a little extra support to help get us through the occasional seasonal …

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Herbs and Supplements – What you need to know!

As with prescription medications, certain herbs and supplements can have inadvertent effects or consequences that may be relevant when undergoing anesthesia and surgery.  Increased bleeding risk, blood pressure variations and unpredictable response to anesthesia have all been ascribed to certain supplements.  It is important to notify your physician about not only your prescription medications, but also your vitamins, herbs and …

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