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Is Aspirin a Supplement or a Drug and Should I Take One a Day?

One definition of a supplement is “something added to complete a thing; make up a deficiency; or extend or strengthen the whole”.  Most of you have heard that many people take an aspirin every day “just in case”.  Just in case of what?  Aspirin, which is one of the oldest and most long-standing medical agents still in use, does have …

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Heal thy Heart, Oh Mother Earth

heart health

It seems like every other product we see in the store says ‘heart healthy’ on it. Heart healthy status can be attributed loosely into a few categories: 1) cholesterol lowering, 2) blood pressure control, 3) anti-oxidants, and 4) improving overall blood flow. What is often meant on these labels is that the product/food contains some amount of ‘heart healthy’ ingredients. …

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