What Are We All About? You.

Since 1972, Hi-Health has been helping people improve their health through better nutrition. Our commitment to health spans every aspect of our business, from informative product labeling to high quality ingredient selection and expert testing and analysis. We’re here to provide you the best our industry has to offer.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our commitment to wellness by developing brands of our very own. Our product lines are backed by a team of experts devoted to scientific research and testing. They ensure every phase of product development—from creation to manufacturing and distribution—adhere to strict quality standards. But, it doesn’t stop there. In-store and online, you’ll find the resources you need to make informed decisions about your product purchase. We have highly trained nutrition counselors available to answer any question you may have and offer suggestions.

Letter from our President & CEO

Since 1972, Hi-Health has been helping people improve their health through better nutrition. We offer our customers the best level of service, and pay particular attention to providing the finest health foods and nutritional supplements.

Hi-Health has been under the same ownership, direction and leadership for over forty years. Our relentless commitment to quality and customer service has made us a recognized leader in the health food and supplement industry. Elite shopping center developers regularly invite Hi-Health to open our stylish and innovative stores in their properties.

Our private label and exclusive formula products are manufactured under strict processes to ensure purity, consistency, safety and potency. Strong quality management systems are employed in the manufacturing of Hi-Health’s proprietary products starting with obtaining appropriate quality raw materials, and following through with:

  • the establishment of robust operating procedures,
  • the detection and investigation of product quality deviations, and
  • continuous and reliable laboratory testing both during and after the manufacturing process. Learn more...

Hi-Health continually strives to ensure that the health and nutrition information we provide is based on reputable third party scientific studies and sources. In some cases information we report on is the subject of controversy. Hi-Health always endeavors to give its customers candid and unbiased information so that they may make better informed decisions. The results of scientific studies are often subject to many qualifications, conditions and exceptions. You should, therefore, consider information you obtain from us or anyone else, and use nutritional supplements, in conjunction with advice from your personal physician or other licensed health care professional.

Since well before online shopping became possible Hi-Health has served its customers through physical retail stores. This website extends to on-line shoppers, Hi-Health's tradition of commitment to our in-store customers. We are sincerely concerned about your health and, in keeping with our commitment to you, we urge you to consult your health care professionals in connection with any information you receive from this website, our staff and our literature. While we are very good at what we do, the information we provide should never be treated as medical advice for any individual. We do not have the ability, nor do we try, to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness, disease or medical condition. Your health care professionals should always be consulted whenever you desire to utilize any of our information or products to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness, disease or medical condition specific to you.

Hi-Health advocates a healthy and balanced lifestyle, focusing on good nutrition and regular exercise and adequate rest. We want to be part of your quest for good health, and we want to help you improve the quality of your life. Your input is very valuable to us. Please tell us ([email protected]h.com) what we can do for you.

Mitchell A. Chalpin