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What are Supplements? Your Complete Guide

What are supplements? Your Complete Guide

Click one of the questions below to read the answer. What is a dietary supplement?  What is the suggested dose for certain vitamins? What is the suggested dose for certain minerals? How long do supplement stay in my system? Is it okay to take supplements one day but not the next?  How much should I be getting? What is a …

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Why Fortify for Kids? Children Need Nutrients for Body & Brain

Most likely, the answer is yes. “Children today are growing up in a convenience- food culture; foods are often from restaurants, and even home-prepared meals commonly come from a box, can, or some other package,” says Anne Zauderer, DC, who focuses on children in her nutritionally oriented practice in Wichita, Kansas. Because processed foods tend to lack nutritional density, “supplements are paramount,” she says. Zauderer, who has two children of her own, …

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Powerful Nutrient Pairings for Better Health

nutrient pairings for health

These powerful couples work together to deliver maximum nutrient absorption and health.  

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Back to School: Brain Boosting Foods for Kids

Back to school is around the corner and our kids will need our help to make healthy changes now. Kids are eating more foods prepared outside of the home (which often means bigger portions), drinking more sodas, eating more processed foods and consuming less fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, nuts, seeds and beans.  What’s more, in the last …

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What is The Healthiest Milk For Teenagers?

“Drink your milk or else you won’t get dessert or cannot leave the table.” Sound familiar? We have all grown up hearing those words and likely say them to our own children now.  Obviously as infants and babies, milk traditionally has been a mainstay of nutrition in Western Countries such as the United States. Remember the quote from Napoleon Dynamite? “If …

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Do Children and Teens Need to Worry About Fat and Cholesterol?

Atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and stroke.  These conditions affect young adults, middle-aged adults and seniors. While technically true, but with exceptions, the heart attack or stroke that affects someone at age 45, 55 or 65 years does not just occur “out of the blue”.  In most cases, there has been underlying pathology developing and affecting their blood vessels for many …

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Nutritional Supplements For High School Sports

I came across this report over the weekend from KJZZ (91.5 FM in Phoenix, AZ) that aired on Friday Jan 24th.  The report starts with a Gatorade ad from 90s (“I want to be like Mike”) that was selling the concept that you would be like Michael Jordan if you drank what he did.  The author pointed out the recent …

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Violent Video Games and Teenagers. Enough is Enough

Absolutely not! That was our response when our teenage boys asked us if they could buy the new Grand Theft Auto 5. Having just heard a recap of the degree of violence in this game and the fact that it sold hundreds of thousands of copies on its first day, we wanted to make a point that enough is enough. …

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Childhood Obesity

Kids and families are at risk. I see it everywhere, starting at a very young age. It’s an epidemic and unless we start educating families and changing habits, the childhood obesity epidemic will continue to worsen. I don’t mean to scare you by using words like “at risk” or “epidemic” but this is a very serious issue that must be …

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Cold Buster: Keeping Your Children Healthy

Now that school is fully back in session and fall and winter are upon us, those bright-eyed happy children and teenagers are looking a little more tired and stressed. Add in the close quarters in school, sharing water bottles at practice (yuck), and the increased presence of virus in the dry and colder weather and you have the makings for …

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